• Oklahoma Muslims Respond to Osama bin Laden’s Death Relief that he’s gone, sad for those who are reminded of their loss

    The Islamic Council of Oklahoma’s spokesperson Sheryl Siddiqui commends President Obama, the intelligence officers and Navy Seals involved in the removal of the threat to humanity called Osama bin Laden.

    Bin Laden masterminded and instigated the murders of innocent people around the world; his message was an outrageous deviation of everything Islam stands for. He is no martyr- he is a criminal, a terrorist of the worst kind.

    While this news brings relief to all of us, it also makes us relive the nightmare of 911. Our hearts again go out to all of the people hurting here and abroad who lost family members, friends and co-workers as a result of his maniacal leadership.

    While Osama bin Laden like hate-mongers everywhere had followers, mainstream Muslims reiterate their commitment to our communities where law abiding individuals can lead empowered wholesome lives.

    Mosque leaders around the state had these responses:

    Dr. Riaz Ahmad of the Islamic Society of Edmond signed onto the above statement and recommended reading the statement at www.CAIR.com as well.

    Imam ElGhobashy, Islamic Society of Tulsa
    After reading the above statement, the Imam said: “We work for peace on earth and hope to see an end of the hatred and enmity that people like Osama bin Laden promoted.”

    Imam Imad Enchassi, Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City:
    ”Justice has been served. AlQaeda is responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent people around the world, most of whom are Muslim. In these difficult times, I call upon all Muslims in the state of Oklahoma to be vigilant and help law enforcement agents in any possible way reporting any suspicious activities they may encounter from any sympathizer.”

    Imam Arif Abdullah, Masjid Mu’min, Oklahoma City
    “This is a great time in global events for all right minded and good hearted people to recognize the value of earnest cooperation between governments having common concerns for the rights and lives of all people. This is also the time for America to take the lead in showing the world that no matter what may seem the popular demand that the rights and ceremonial practices of all people are sacred and should not be overlooked. God bless those brave men and women who lay their lives down each and every day to protect our freedoms.”