• Islamic Society of Tulsa, interfaith community to host prayer and awareness campaign Sunday for three Muslims murdered execution-style in Chapel Hill, N.C

    TULSA – The interfaith community will host a prayer at 4:15 p.m. Sunday at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church in memory of the three Muslim students who were murdered in Chapel Hill, N.C., this week.

    “I know many who were close to them and they were just the most lovable genuinely good people who lived in service to humanity,” said the John Ederer, imam of the Islamic Society of Tulsa, which organized the event. Ederer was an Imam in Charlotte, N.C., for four years before coming to Tulsa recently.

    Numerous entities, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, are calling on law enforcement authorities to address speculation about a possible bias motive for the killing of Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha.

    “Based on the brutal nature of this crime, the past anti-religion statements of the alleged perpetrator, the religious attire of two of the victims, and the rising anti-Muslim rhetoric in American society, we urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to quickly address speculation of a possible bias motive in this case,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

    The FBI launched an investigation into the case on Thursday.

    Several members of the interfaith community will speak at the prayer event.