• Open Letter to Governor and Legislature Supporting Removal of Ten Commandments Monument

    The Islamic Council of Oklahoma appreciates the efforts of the signers of this letter and stands in solidarity with them. Living and working respectfully, side-by-side with our neighbors and co-workers of all beliefs is a core teaching of our faith. Muslims are comfortable in the U.S. because of the compatibility of the Quran, Islam’s holy scriptures, and the U.S. Constitution. It is important to Muslims that the Constitution be upheld, as the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ensured by their vote.


    For Immediate Release

    Media Contact:  Tulsa Interfaith Alliance
    Name:  Rev. Bob Lawrence
    Title: Executive Director
    Phone: 918-991-5733
    Email address: tulsainterfaithalliance@gmail.com

    Open Letter to Governor and Legislature Supporting Removal of Ten Commandments Monument

    Interfaith Alliances and Friends Issue a Joint Statement

    OKLAHOMA CITY, AUGUST 18, 2015 – The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma, along with the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance, the national Interfaith Alliance, the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice, the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Respect Diversity Foundation, and others issued the following statement to Governor Mary Fallin and the leadership of the Oklahoma legislature calling on the removal of the Ten Commandments monument from the Oklahoma Capitol grounds. Members of all the supporting agencies are being invited to copy this letter and send it to their respective Senators and Representatives.

           “We strongly support the decision of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, that the Ten Commandments monument should not be on the grounds of our state Capitol. Others have pointed out that this monument on state government property violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Oklahoma County District Attorney has made an eloquent personal statement, as a committed Christian, as to why placing this monument on the grounds of state government is inappropriate, offensive to many, and even hypocritical.

           “The wording of the Oklahoma Constitution is very clear and the Supreme Court has done what it is supposed to do – to rule on the constitutionality of a law or action. We urge that our legislators, Governor, other Oklahoma officials, and Oklahoma citizens accept and obey this ruling. This was not a close decision, but a 7 to 2 vote, so a reversal of their decision was very unlikely. The Oklahoma Attorney General asked for a judicial review of the decision, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court turned this down. Further attempts to reverse this decision would be a significant waste of taxpayers’ money.

    “The Ten Commandments are important to many of us as a religious document. That they are part of the expression of our religious beliefs, and play a role in guiding our relationship with God and with our fellow human beings is not altered or prevented by insisting that the state abstain from any action, including funding, that would favor or promote any one religion or part thereof. There is nothing in our national constitution nor in our state constitution that refers to the Ten Commandments. To treat them as an “historical document” trivializes their religious significance, and is not an acceptable argument for placing them on the grounds of government property.

    “Those who would like to classify our nation as a Christian nation would do a grave disservice to the founders of our nation and to the citizens of our nation and state today. Our founders, whatever their personal religious beliefs, clearly were opposed to the creation of a theocracy. Governed by colonial England, in which there was an official state religion, and in which the relationship between crown and church involved a history of persecution of other religions, they had no desire to allow anything similar to be part of the free nation they were creating here in America. Indeed, they realized then, as we should realize now, that the various legislative proposals that would move us in the direction of a national religion would lead to a nation in which people of all but one religion would be merely tolerated, second class citizens. Too many have forgotten the history of Protestant colonies persecuting Catholics, and Catholic colonies persecuting Protestants. Baptists had much to fear from other Christian denominations in the Colonies. Such a situation repeatedly has been the cause of prejudicial persecution in other nations over a span of centuries. How many people of various religions, including Christian denominations, fled their home countries for this reason? How many people of various faiths have been uprooted and/or persecuted by theocratic domination, something they hoped would not happen or that they did not think could happen? Our constitution seeks to preserve true freedom of religion: freedom of religion and freedom from religion, freedom to practice one’s religion of choice or not to do so.

    “We also are very concerned about the calls to impeach members of the Supreme Court or to return to the discredited idea of electing and re-electing members of our higher courts. Our Supreme Court did exactly what it was supposed to do. Acting independently from the other branches of government, it decided NOT what the majority may want, but what is constitutional. Our nation’s founders knew how important it is to prevent the tyranny of the majority from depriving others of their constitutional rights. Our legislative branch has the right to make laws. We expect our legislators to be smart enough and responsible enough not to pass laws which, predictably, are unconstitutional and will waste taxpayers’ money with subsequent appeals. The current process for selection of justices in our higher courts is a good one, one that provides for selection of highly competent individuals, preserves their independence, and prevents legislators or the governor from threatening them when their decision is not what the legislature or governor want.”

    Carl J. Rubenstein, MD, President
    Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma

    Rev. Bob Lawrence, Executive Director
    Interfaith Alliance of Tulsa

    Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director
    Interfaith Alliance, National Office

    Jayme Cox, President & CEO
    Oklahoma Center for Community & Justice (OCCJ)

    Joan & Michael Korenblit
    Respect Diversity Foundation

    CAIR Oklahoma

    Rabbi Vered Harris
    Temple B’nai Israel, Oklahoma City

    Rabbi Abby Jacobson
    Temple Emanuel, Oklahoma City

    About the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance

    The Tulsa Interfaith Alliance is a non-partisan, faith-based advocacy group that works diligently to maintain the separation of church and state, to address issues of unconstitutional religious expression, and to raise awareness of the greater good that people of all faiths, and no faith, bring to society. Our work is directed toward the public square, not individual faith communities.

    We are a recognized affiliate of the national Interfaith Alliance, and an approved Partner of the international Charter for Compassion Campaign.

    We identify with these core values: religious liberty, diversity and tolerance, and the absolute separation of church and state.

    You can find us on Facebook at TulsaInterfaithAlliance, on twitter at TulsaInterfaith, or via email at tulsainterfaithalliance@gmail.com.

  • ICO Press release- Oklahoma Muslims join National #Feed Their Legacy Campaign



    Contact: Sheryl Siddiqui



    Mosques and Schools Feed Hungry in Memory of Slain Youth


    (Tulsa 3/28/15) The Islamic Council of Oklahoma, Oklahoma’s statewide council of Muslim organizations, reports that Oklahoma mosques and Islamic schools joined over 220 other organizations in a national campaign to feed the hungry. Participating member organizations:

    • Mercy School in Edmond, campaign contact: Ms. Sajida Shahjahan, 405.412.7424
    •  Peace Academy in Tulsa and Islamic Society of Tulsa contact: Sheryl Siddiqui 918.706.3595
    •  Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City campaign: Mr. Saad Mohammed, 405.210.4775

    The #FeedTheirLegacy campaign was started as a way of remembering three extraordinary young American Muslims- Mr. Deah Barakat, Ms. Yusor Abu-Salha and Ms. Razan Abu-Salha, all community servants, who were murdered in February in North Carolina. The last entry in dental student Deah’s Facebook page was a picture of him feeding homeless individuals in North Carolina after which he gave out 75 dental care kits.

    The victims’ families have urged American Muslims to respond to hate with kindness, to focus on their legacies of service rather than their brutal murders. Directly after the tragic shooting, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) joined with many other Muslim American organizations, in a historically unprecedented way to discuss how to collectively respond and honor the victims’ legacies. Together with the victims’ families, the #FeedTheirLegacy campaign was launched. The goal is to collect 100,000 cans nationally by Monday March 30th to stock local food pantries and other organizations that serve the hungry and homeless.

    As of March 27th, the national campaign had registered over 95,000 donated food items. Oklahoma ranked 16th of the 34 states participating in the campaign with over 2000 cans donated in 1 week. While the final numbers will not be entered until Monday, it is expected that the national goal will be easily reached. The website has frozen all entries until Monday to build the suspense.

    At noon Monday, Peace Academy students will be comparing their final count to national’s at the mosque: 4630 South Irvington Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74135. Media welcome!

    About the Islamic Council of Oklahoma:


    The Islamic Council of Oklahoma (ICO) is a council of Oklahoma mosques and Islamic schools, serving more than 35,000 Muslims in Oklahoma. The council works to promote improved communication, cooperation and best practices among Islamic organizations to improve the everyday lives of Muslims and all Oklahomans.





    “Believers do not eat their fill while their neighbors go hungry.” Prophet Muhammad

    https://www.facebook.com/events/445339332289243/          IST-PA FeedTheirLegacy Facebook event

    https://feedtheirlegacy.herokuapp.com/info/resources-press-release/  National Feed Their Legacy site

  • Islamic Society of Tulsa, interfaith community to host prayer and awareness campaign Sunday for three Muslims murdered execution-style in Chapel Hill, N.C

    TULSA – The interfaith community will host a prayer at 4:15 p.m. Sunday at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church in memory of the three Muslim students who were murdered in Chapel Hill, N.C., this week.

    “I know many who were close to them and they were just the most lovable genuinely good people who lived in service to humanity,” said the John Ederer, imam of the Islamic Society of Tulsa, which organized the event. Ederer was an Imam in Charlotte, N.C., for four years before coming to Tulsa recently.

    Numerous entities, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, are calling on law enforcement authorities to address speculation about a possible bias motive for the killing of Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha.

    “Based on the brutal nature of this crime, the past anti-religion statements of the alleged perpetrator, the religious attire of two of the victims, and the rising anti-Muslim rhetoric in American society, we urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to quickly address speculation of a possible bias motive in this case,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

    The FBI launched an investigation into the case on Thursday.

    Several members of the interfaith community will speak at the prayer event.



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