• Oklahoma Mosques Thank CAIR-OK Muslims’ First Amendment Rights Are Protected

    The Islamic Council of Oklahoma (ICO) celebrates the preliminary injunction announced today by the US District Court blocking State Question 755 from becoming certified into law. If certified this law would have allowed Muslims’ religious rights to be targeted for infringement without the legal recourse guaranteed by America’s Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

    Leaders of mosques statewide congratulate and thank the Council on American Islamic Relations Oklahoma Chapter’s Executive Director, Muneer Awad, for defending their First Amendment Rights as he defended his own in District Court this month. Awad, an American-born Muslim, proved to the court that SQ755 could prevent Islamic wills from being probated in Oklahoma; Oklahoma Muslims are concerned about other personal documents as well. Muslims here understand that their religion instructs them to follow the laws of the land where they live and have made no requests and have no expectation that Islamic laws from other countries should become laws here.

    “This is a great victory, not just for Muslims, but for Oklahomans of all faiths who seek to enjoy the rights and privileges of this great country. Islam has not, nor will it ever threaten the laws of our land. Good people outside our faith know that Islam is not a threat as exaggerated by some extremists and these non-Muslims see through the fear mongers’ agenda when they seek to use this as a wedge issue for political gain,” said Imam Arif Abdullah of Oklahoma City’s Masjid Mu’min.

    The Imam from the Islamic Society of Tulsa’s Masjid Al Salam reacted with joy and appreciated Mr. Awad’s efforts and the judge’s sense of fairness. “I am very pleased that we asked for justice and we got it. This law that discriminates against Muslims was found to be against America’s founding principles and Oklahoma’s Constitution. Muslims are a vibrant part of Oklahoma, living, studying, working and contributing to the general welfare. Muslims are not, and according to the judge’s welcome judgment, cannot be isolated from the community at large.”

  • The Islamic Council of Oklahoma, ISGOC & IST have all signed on as enthusiastic supporters of Say No To Hate’s statements opposing State Question 751 & State Question 755

  • Department of Justice says Islam is a Religion, Mosques are legitimate places for religious assembly for legal purposes.

  • Oklahoma Muslims get in the spirit of Ramadan 30 Events in 30 Days

    The Islamic Council of Oklahoma (ICO) announced today that Islamic organizations statewide plan to hold 30 Events in 30 Days to benefit their communities during the month of Ramadan. Most Oklahoma mosques follow the Fiqh Council of North America’s declaration that today is the first day of Ramadan. Many indigenous Muslims here will observe their first fast tomorrow as announced to the Communities under the Leadership of Warith Deen Muhammad.

    Oklahoma Muslims are seeking blessings and looking forward to sharing them too. Muslims are prescribed to fast in Ramadan as a way to practice self-discipline, display self-control and sacrifice, and express empathy for those who are less fortunate.

    This year across the state Muslims are planning 30 Events in 30 Days as community-strengthening events and service projects to share their blessings. Oklahoma mosques and Islamic schools have set a goal to accomplish 30 such events while they are fasting the 30 days of Ramadan.

    “The Muslim community in Oklahoma is dedicated to giving back and making charitable contributions to great causes in our state,” said Sheryl Siddiqui, spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Oklahoma. “Islamic organizations have been working to improve the lives of others in their communities for decades; it is only recently that Muslims have started coordinating efforts at a state level. Islam teaches Muslims to do charity without seeking recognition for it, but these days Americans are only seeing headlines about Muslims who don’t represent the God-fearing, compassionate majority of Muslims.”

    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said about Ramadan, “It is the month of endurance and the reward of endurance is paradise. It is the month of sharing with others… It is a month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is freedom from hell.” Muslims aspire to endure hardships patiently, to share with others, to be merciful and forgiving and to be forgiven.

    The Oklahoma City metropolitan area Muslims are sponsoring a canned food drive this week and plan to give cash donations to some of the nonprofits that they serve during the month. Tulsa Muslims have a food drive starting Friday and ending before the Eid holiday on September 10th. Several communities and colleges are hosting “Iftar dinners” (the meal that commences after sunset), inviting public officials and the general public. The Islamic Society of Tulsa will be hosting its “Annual Look-in on Ramadan” on Wednesday August 25th, a free dinner-presentation for anyone who makes a reservation through Okevent@gmail.com . Muslim volunteers are signing up to help at the food banks and other service projects as they come back into town after summer vacations.

  • Oklahoma Muslims feel the loss of the murdered Ft. Hood soldiers deeply and strongly condemn this despicable act.

    Mosques across Oklahoma have asked that the following statement be published:

    Oklahoma Muslims feel the loss of the murdered Ft. Hood soldiers deeply and strongly condemn this despicable act. Thousands and thousands of Muslims have honorably served in the American military since the founding of this nation. The victims of this Fort Hood shooter are our compatriots, brothers and sisters in arms protecting this country. We honor them and their families for their sacrifice. We can only imagine that this was an act of illness because no cause, religious or political, is served by such a horrific deed.

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