How to Qualify for Non Profit Postage Rates

As a Non Profit (or once you become a non-profit) you are eligible for a reduced postage rate from the US Postal Service. If you meet the eligibility requirements, which most Non Profits do, you can pay Non Profit Standard Mail rates, which are approximately 40% lower than regular postal rates.

If you are a Non Profit who sends out periodicals, membership information, mass lettering, newsletters, or other mass mailings, the free application for Non Profit Standard Mailing status will save your organizations time and money.

Determine Eligibility (give us a call if you’re unsure) Non Profits that are eligible cannot have funds that benefit any stockholders or members; they include: not for profit organizations: educational, philanthropic, religious, and scientific groups (501(c)3), agricultural and labor (501(c)5), fraternal (501(c)8, veteran groups (501(c)19).

Note: If you are in the process of applying for tax-exempt status, you can apply for Nonprofit Standard Mail Eligibility while your IRS Non Profit tax-exempt status is pending. The mailer may continue to mail in a pending status until a final decision is reached on an appeal of a denied application.

Application Process Submit an application form, PS Form 3624, Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates, as well as the supporting documents to the post office you plan to use. The necessary sup- porting documents are:

– The Non Profit’s formative documents, such as the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, charter, or constitution.

– Proof of nonprofit status or pending tax-exempt status: an exemption letter from the IRS stat- ing tax-exempt status.

– Additional (but not required) documentation: A list of recent nonprofit program activities, the past fiscal year’s financial statement for the Non Profit, the Non Profit’s budget, and any other documents such as your newsletters or bulletins, minutes of meetings, and brochures.