• Oklahoma Muslims Send Condolences to Overland Park Kansas

    The Islamic Council of Oklahoma, Oklahoma’s council of mosques and Islamic organizations, extends condolences to the grieving families of Overland Park, Kansas after Sunday’s shootings. Spokesperson Sheryl Siddiqui said,”Our concern extends to the greater Jewish community there. That this crime happened on the eve of the Passover observance makes it even more egregious and undoubtedly more traumatic for Jewish families.” It is troubling that the victims were most likely anticipating the holiday in places where they would normally feel very safe- their community center and retirement home. We join Overland Park, our neighbors to the north, in mourning the innocent lives lost and send sympathies for the impact on holidays to come.


    Law enforcement is to be commended for their timely response, arrest of the suspect and efforts to restore the community’s sense of security.

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