Resources for Mosques

How to Apply for 501 (c) 3

How to get a Certificate of Incorporation

ISNA’s new Mosque Development Services

Best Practices

Accreditation Help

“Teachable Moment Community Response Guide” Toolkit

How to Qualify for Non-Profit Postage Rates

CAIR Islamophobia Report 2013

Hajj & Umrah book in Persian

Islamic Management and Leadership online course

Nonprofit and Mosque Management – A series of articles on managing Islamic organizations. Originally published by Islamic Horizons magazine.

CAIR’s Mosque Safety Guide 2013

Ramadan Safety & Security Plan for Mosques

Compliance Guidelines for Public Charities

Eid-al-Adha letters for Parents and Masajid

Know Your Rights – Helpful information in 9 languages, plus a pocket guide

Online Politics – 101–April 29, 2009

Gallup Report – American Muslims: A National Portrait–March 2, 2009

Guide for Effective Citizenship

Emergency Kit Checklist

Family Emergency Plan

Right-wing Pundits use Mainstream Media to Smear Muslims

Hate Crime Report

Customs & Border Protection Search & Seizure Policy – July 2008

US Presidential Election Advisory (for Non-Profits)

Donor Guide by Oklahoma Department of Justice

Ramadan Resources