Current Openings


Islamic Council of Oklahoma (ICO) is seeking a qualified individual to fill a paid part-time
position. This position will be under the direct supervision of the Executive Board of
ICO. Part time responsibilities shall not exceed 10 to 15 hours per week for no more
than $1,500 per month. Responsibilities shall include the following: (1) attend all
monthly ICO Board meetings, (2) keep record of ICO monthly meeting minutes, annual
actions and future plans, (3) help in ICO bookkeeping, (4) actively participate in all ICOsponsored
activities, (5) coordinate fundraising efforts, and (6) help in the organization
of ICO annual convention and fundraising dinner. Successful candidate will be given an
ICO-owned cell phone and an ICO-owned laptop for use only in ICO-business, and will
be reimbursed for her/his expenses while performing ICO-business.

Minimum qualifications are: (1) basic computer skills, (2) can drive, and (3) owns a
reliable car. Interested candidates should submit the following: (1) a letter of intent, (2)
copy of his/her driving license, (3) proof of eligibility to work in the US, (4) at least two
letters of recommendation from his/her own community leaders commenting on her/his
previous involvement with local masjid and related activities. Preferably, the successful
candidate will make himself/herself available on Friday afternoons to visit mosques to
help ICO better serve them. Applications should be addressed to the President of ICO,
c/o Chairman of the Search Committee, and e-mailed to: .
Review of applications will begin Friday, January 16th, 2015 and will continue until the
position is filled. Duties are expected to begin shortly after.

For any questions regarding
this position, send an e-mail to the same e-mail address mentioned above.
ICO invites all individuals (brothers and sisters) who have the
passion and capability to apply for this position. Also, ICO urges all
members of the community to encourage potential candidates to