• Open Mosque Day

    Find information about a mosque near you.

    First Ever State-wide Open Mosque Day from 1:00-4:00pm Sponsored by the Islamic Council of Oklahoma.

    Islam and Muslims are in the news almost every day. Did you ever ask a Muslim what they think about that? Citizenship compels patriots to know the stories beyond the headlines. Here’s your chance!

    Six mosques in the state are opening their doors for casual gatherings- great for meeting Muslims who are nothing like you see described in headlines. Get answers to your questions and concerns. Come on by! Have some food; make some friends and learn about your neighbors.

    Oklahoma mosques have hosted open houses for years. But Open Mosque day is different in that it a regional or state-wide coordinated effort to reach people who might have been misled to fear us. This is not about converting people- it is about understanding your neighbors and co-workers. Open mosque days started in Southern California. Now Chicago is also hosting them.

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